TEFL Job Application Service

Our job application procedure will assist your journey into a new position Teaching English as a Foreign Language and indicates the functions and tools available for you to apply for jobs here at ESL Teach Abroad. The process is user-friendly and takes a few minutes collecting information to enable us to create a professional document that will be utilized to create a portfolio for jobs we have in our database from schools. All documents are placed on our server which is encrypted with the highest security possible. Most importantly we never charge for our services to hire teachers so you won't need to worry about being told otherwise. Please follow the instructions below to begin your journey with our team in finding you the best position that suits your requirements and job satisfaction.


Step One


Hit the resume upload button and get started!

Step one of your application is a simple resume upload but first, we would like you to complete the resume upload request form and a link will be sent to you directly to the email you used on the request form so please check your email after request form is completed. Follow the link and you will be asked to complete the resume upload form with details such as your current country of residence, institution preferred, qualifications, the country you wish to teach in, contact details and a profile picture. You need to complete a cover letter for the interview. Click Button!




Step Two


Let's talk about this exciting opportunity!

Step two is where we contact you via email and offer you an online interview via Skype and cover more about ourselves to reassure you and place you in a relaxed informal interview procedure asking various questions related to your resume and cover letter. The interview is not timed limited although if your time is limited we can reduce the call time that suits your needs. It's important for us to explain that it's an informal interview and we want you to feel relaxed and have fun, smile and tell us all about yourself. Click Button




Step Three


Excellent it's resume activation time!

Step Three is where we assign you with a unique reference number for your resume and job search and activate your professional document from your resume upload which will be sent to the schools we consider suit your requirements, education background and experience. At this point, we suggest you check your email several times a day including your junk mail due to schools not been recognized in your email settings. We will be with you throughout step three to assist you with questions related to job offers. Click Button!




Video Upload

Enhance your resume with our video message service!

Our team have created a new level of resume enhancement by implementing a video resume portal from where you can upload a short video telling us all about yourselves. This, however, isn't mandatory for your application and won't affect your ability on our side to find the job that suits your requirements. It's more of a trend that seems to attract schools and the service is simple to use and all video messages are archived and placed on our encrypted server for future applications. Click Button!


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