Visa Services

Documents Required for Employment (Stage One)

On Resume upload and before we activate your resume we decide if your application has been successful for us to continue in the initial job search for you so at this point all you have to send is a copy of your passport first page, please blank out your passport serial numbers as we just require proof of your citizenship at this point. You also need to send a clear copy of your university degree which should also include your university degree transcript that is issued with your degree upon graduation.

Skype Interview (Stage Two)

Now we have your university degree and evidence of your citizenship we will book you in for an Interview unless the interview is direct with the school but don't worry we will notify you about this. Step two is where we contact you via email and offer you an online interview via Skype and cover more about ourselves to reassure you and place you in a relaxed informal interview procedure asking various questions related to your resume and cover letter. The interview is not timed limited although if your time is limited we can reduce the call time that suits your needs. It's important for us to explain that it's an informal interview and we want you to feel relaxed and have fun, smile and tell us all about yourself.

Sign Contract (Stage Three)

When we have found the perfect school for you through our process, the school will be in contact with you and will ask you to sign a contract that will be sent to you via the email you used to upload your resume with us. Please read the contract carefully and also examine the information discussed with them about their job offer to you and if your happy sign, scan and send them a copy direct to the school email which should have been sent from them when they offered you a job unless the school wants us to complete this action but we will let you know.

Medical Check - Country of Citizenship (Stage Four)

You have signed the contract and are now required to undergo a medical check with your local GP or hospital. This usually requires a booking and can take several days and in some countries may require a payment if it's a private service. All fees for the medical are to be covered by you but please keep the receipt as you may be able to return this fee with some schools upon your arrival to the school to begin your contract of employment with them. Download Physical Examination Record

Non-criminal Record Check - Country of Citizenship (Stage Five)

There are several companies for some countries from where you can complete a criminal record check, choose the one that is registered and has a true business reference number to state their authority in this service. This for most criminal record companies can be done online and documents can be sent to them via their website upload service and it takes around ten days for your criminal reference check to arrive back at your address of residence. All payments for this service are to be finalized by you but keep the receipt for a possible return of funds when you arrive for your contract start date at school.

Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert China (Stage 6)

A system has been constructed for teachers (professionals) businessmen and woman to be able to continue with their application for working in China. It came into effect recently and has to be completed to enable the release of documents to complete all the administration needs, for example, Letters of invitation and residency permits for your work visa. This system has been developed together with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, People's Republic China (PRC) and the Capital University of Economics and Business. It is designed to carry out the recently promulgated Administrative Licensing Law of the People's Republic of China. Not all schools ask for this test and it's not difficult to complete so just sit somewhere quiet and complete the test. Register here: Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert (China)

Z visa Application (Stage 7)

once all your documents as mentioned in the previous stages have been sent to the school's administration department they will send you an invitation letter and a Foreign Expert Certificate which you will send with your passport with at least 6 months on the expiry date, completed application form and two recent passport photo's a 2"x2" photo (full face, front view, no hat or cap, against a plain and light colored background)  to your Chinese consulate or embassy in your country of residence and apply for a Z visa which will allow you to work legally in China when you have applied for your work permit. Keep all your receipts as our schools may offer a refund for these payments. Download Chinese Z Visa Form

Work Permit on Arrival (Stage 8)

When you arrive at your school in China an application will be made for your work permit with your university degree (not a transcript), Your TEFL. TESOL, CELTA certification or equivalent, the health check from your country or citizenship, a scanned copy of your passport, a clean criminal background check certificate and your contract signature page. The school will conclude this procedure for you and at this stage, they will already have most of your documents so it's an easy procedure and you will accompany the school's admin to the work permit office. This whole procedure will take around two to three weeks so don't worry about overstay (This won't happen) as the schools have this in mind for you to be legally employed by them.

ESL Teach Abroad Advice

After completing these 8 stages you're all done and the rest is up to the school, we have chosen schools that have a fantastic reputation and our main objective is to get you to your destination with all your documentation completed ready for the school. The system seems long winded but most of this system can be done extremely quickly, the only process that takes time is the work permit upon arrival, the criminal background can take about two weeks but at this time your taking your foreign experts test (40 mins max) and you have the contract ready to sign, scan and on completion of the Foreign Expert Test it's ready to be sent back.  You're looking at about three weeks maximum for the whole process to start teaching. 

Please remember you will need an address in China for the Z visa to be processed, most just use the school's address which for us has never been refused. Don't listen to rumors about needing to get a return flight ticket it's not needed as you have an invitation letter so keep a copy for yourself. It's sometimes wise to get some travel insurance to cover the trip and the school will provide you with health insurance. We are also covering worldwide expatriate health insurance to cover our teachers for a whole year. This might not be necessary, it all depends on the school's health insurance plan, however, in some cases, various foreign health insurance plans might not meet your required standards. Our partner health insurance will cover the whole lot for one year and cover you for all health situations that could arise with direct payments made to the hospital or health department extremely quickly. On this subject, there is not much to worry about in being safe but our up and coming webinars will guide you on health situations and how to stay safe abroad.

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